Raghuvansh Enterprises

Valves Repair

Valves are a key component to the efficient operation of most industrial processes and promote product quality and a company’s responsibility to the environment. They provide a safe operating environment plus provide safety protection in an emergency. Valves are expected to perform instantly and perfectly every time they are needed. It follows that a worn, faulty or leaking valve could result costing far more than the price of its own, new replacement.

Stoneleigh Engineering Services are fully equipped to repair and/or recondition most makes, types and sizes of industrial valves, including safety valves, using skills and experience acquired over many years.

– 90% of valves consigned to the ‘graveyard’ or non repairable can be repaired economically;

-Savings in excess of 60% can be achieved compared to the cost of new valves;

– Reconditioned valves can eliminate or significantly reduce modifications to expensive pipe work;

– Delivery is possible very quickly often in days, rather than weeks;

– Valuable time and reduced cost can be saved during plant shutdown and maintenance;