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Domestic Service

Do Business With India!
Doing business with India is simple with our IndiaConnect service. As your local partner, based in the USA, We are here to help you with your India strategy. Whethter it is to use the offshore talent, or to reach the Indian market, we are your one-stop solution.

Let us help you with your needs for:

  • Contract research / contract manufacturing.
  • Reaching markets in India
  • Designing of your products
  • Finding markets for your product (via distributor, licensing partner, joint venture partner)
  • Setting up shop in India
  • Making investments in India
  • Application development and product testing
  • Market research and corporate presentations
  • Software applications including bioinformatics, eLearning and more

Why Team Up With Us?
It gets confusing for small to mid-size companies to navigate india’s markets or select a quality vendor that can meet their offshoring needs. And making a wrong choice can cost you money and time. Let us partner with you to make this process easy for you so that you can focus on developing your products and markets. Advantages of partnering with us include:

  • WE REPRESENT YOUR INTEREST: We will try and find the best partner or strategy to meet your needs
  • LOCAL CONTACT: When you work with us, you will deal with us locally in the USA, in your time zones, and we will be with you every step of the way.
  • TRUE OFFSHORE SAVINGS: When you contract with large global companies, even though the work is done offshore, the savings go to your contractor rather than you. We are small, do not have fancy offices and large staff to add to the overhead. So you get to keep the savings and get personalize service!
  • WE WORK WITH REPUTABLE COMPANIES: It is hard for small and medium business in US and West to separate good companies from bad. We are present in India and can help you find a reputable partner.

So let us make it easy for you and expand your possibilities. Contact Us today to discuss your unique needs.

Why India?

Compelling Case for Stretching Your Budget
In this global economic crisis, it makes more sense than ever to connect with India. You do not have to stop your R&D, clinical testing or functional testing activities. Let us show you the India advantage. Simply put, India allows you to:

  • Extend Your Resources and Gain on Your Competition
  • Expand Your Markets, and
  • Accelerate Your Product and Application Development

Never done business with India before? We will make your India experience easy and connect you with companies that will match your business needs. And we will help you every step of the way. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Extend Your Resources
Many large corporations for years have been leveraging Indian brain-power, talent and knowledge for contract Research and Development, contract manufacturing, clinical and pre-clinical testing, application development, functional testing and for back-office operations. Because of relatively cheap labor and excellent talent, you can manage your financial resources much more efficiently. You can save at least 50% of your current costs, and often much more. And today, with global recession in full swing, and as corporations are cutting back on manpower and expenses, it makes more sense than ever to use your resources wisely. By contracting out some of your R&D, testing and manufacturing work to India, you will not only realize significant savings but will be able to stay ahead of your competition and get much more work out of your cash reserves.

Expand Your Markets
You have probably heard of India’s growing economic prosperity and rising middle class. The middle class in India is now 300 million plus (equivalent to the population of the United States). And it is projected to grow to 580 million strong by 2025. If you wanted to tap into this market but did not know how, we can help. We can help you conduct market research, formulating your business strategy, finding marketing / joint venture partners, advising on suitable advertising strategy, find suitable agents or distributors for your products, or help you in establishing and staffing your office in India.

Accelerate Your Product and Application Development
In this times of budget cuts and financial crisis, companies of all sizes are cutting back and slashing development costs. However without R&D, and product and application development, how will you grow your business? Let us help you in connecting with the right businesses and people in India so that you can leverage their talent and low costs to accelerate your product development.

Trusted One-Stop Solution
You have heard that India can offer many productive, cost-saving solutions for your business but you do not know where to start. We can help. Let us help you navigate the complexities of doing business with India by helping you find the right solution for your needs. You too can start leveraging India’s talent, marketplace, and cheap labor to your advantage. Contact us today with your needs and requirements.


India – Facts and Figures

  • GDP growth ~9% (2007)
  • 300 million plus middle class – growing to 580 million plus in 2025
  • Large English-speaking population. By 2010 will be the largest English-speaking country
  • Largest democracy in the World (1.1 billion strong)
  • Favorable Demographics (54% 0-25 years)
  • Free and Lively media, well-established independent legal system, and free fair elections
  • Investment-friendly, liberalized economy

Your Virtual Staff
Hire us as your virtual staff to get your job done. Let us allow YOU to focus on things YOU do best – inventing, developing, and perfecting products and technologies.
We can pitch your story to potential investors and licensing partners using our experience and industry contacts to get you funding for your business. Or we can help you in finding the right talent, or the right contract manufacturer. Let us do some of your business development.
Contact us today to see if our services can save you time and money.