Raghuvansh Enterprises

Fluid / Gas Sealing Products

Gland Packings

Braided from premium grade white Chrysotile Asbestos yarn. Initially each individual Yarn is impregnated with special PTFE lubricant and then braided either in conventional or lattice braid.



​Preformed Gaskets Flexible Pure Graphite Preformed Gaskets with a S.S.Wire Net/Sheet reinforcement Temperature Pressure pH -200°C to +600°C 500 Bar (Metallic) 0-14 Recommended for Pipe Flanges, Valve Bonnets etc handling Superheated and saturated steam, all non oxidizing liquid and gases, …


Spiral Wound Gaskets

SW600-R Style for use with male & female and tongue & groove ASME B16.5 & BS1560 flanges, Spiral winding only, containing preformed metal and soft filler material, inner and outer diameters of winding are reinforced with several plies of metal without filler to give greater stability.


Oil Seals

SOG have the full range of DIN 3760 industrial shaft seals. Over 30,000 different sizes of available tools offer you good quality and prompt delivery, even on special Q’ty requirements. *FULL RANGE *PROMPT DELIVERY *EXCELLENT QUALITY *COMPETITIVE PRICE Materials : …


Mechanical Seals

Bellow Seal We offer bellow seal which is widely used for preventing back-flow and keeping pressure under control. These seals are used in various industries like chemical, petrochemical and many more in different high temperature applications. Its salient features include …