Raghuvansh Enterprises

Gland Packings

Contraction & Salient Features :

Braided from premium grade white Chrysotile Asbestos yarn. Initially each individual Yarn is impregnated with special PTFE lubricant and then braided either in conventional or lattice braid. A final treatment with special mineral oil on the surface of the braided rope is done resulting in the packing becoming flexible, resilient as well as dense to prevent as well as dense to prevent. Permeation of faseous or liquid chemicals This is truly a multi service packing. Addition of break-in-lubricant minimises shaft damage and allow for expansion during the break-in-period.

Service media:

Wood Plus, Kaolin, Paints and Varnish, Foodstuff, Sewages, Mild Acids, Conc. Alkalies & DM Water.

Service Condition :

Temperature pH
-60°C to 300°C 2-12


Any type of values, Rotary and displacement pumps.

Construction & Salient Features:A Braided Packing manufactured from high grade Asbestos yarn with controlled chloride content reinforced with Inconel /Monel wire, suitably lubricated in a special method with highly pure Graphite flake, having incorporation of sacrificial metal corrosion and corrosion effect on the shalft. This is an expectionally strong packing having good resiliency. The reinforcements of Inconel/Monel wire gives the packing better tensile strength in order to withstand very high pressure. A resilient asbestos core impregnated with graphite may also be provided in this packing to work in an extreme high pressure condition. It requires minimum adjustment of the gland. This packing is avaliabel in rope from ad well as in ring from, having oblique cut.

Service Media :

Superheated steam.

Service Condition:

Temperature Pressure
680°C 250 Bar (Max)


An type of Valve Gland & Soot Blowers.